Anonymous asked:

I need a rant. I love taylorcaniffsluts, but I HATE sena, I love Brooke but sena is so fucking rude she thinks she is funny but she's NOT ugh

holyviners answered:

I don’t wanna answer this but at the same time I feel like I need to clear something up

I get many people messaging me hating on blogs and shit


I am not here to promote people and I am definitely not here to promote hate on people.

If you don’t like a certain blog then whatever - thats fine, thats cool, you do you.

I love when you guys message me ranting to me but I am not going to promote hate.

Brooke and Sena have probably triple the amount of followers I have so they’re clearly doing something right.

Stop with all this hate guys.




I feel like I should defend Sena or some shit but I can’t bc I’m laughing to damn hard

^ this comment made my life.